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Experience your immense potential & aliveness through connecting with your voice

I believe that our essence reveals itself naturally in a field of love.

Your voice is the physical expression of your soul’s essence.


Therefore, all Essence formats are based on three elemental pillars: Voice, Consciousness, Embodiment. These key ingredients for transformation are integrated in the program to support your journey to self. The voice represents the direct channel to our heart and portal to our potential. Consciousness allows us to become aware of our self and our relationships. And embodiment let’s us feel, express and integrate experiences. Therefore, the entire program in every format is highly experiential and designed to focus with ease on the essence.

Voice Transformation

Voice Transformation

This workshop allows you to connect with your essence through your voice. As a group we create a strong, harmonious field, in which you can experience and explore your vast potential. In this container magic can happen and you might experience deep truth about yourself.

Format: 3h or full day workshop


John Lack

John is a facilitator, musician and human being. His mission is to facilitate spaces in which people can experience what their essence, aliveness and unconditional love feels like. 


He includes his experience of being a facilitator at The School of Life Berlin, a Coach for Mindfulness and personal development, Trainer of Non Violent Communication and musician for 15+ years.



"I had the feeling of swimming in an ocean of love during the whole workshop. John has the impressive skill of translating emotions into sound and inviting people to join him in that art work. It was a space where people were lifted up by the group and were give permission to fully express themselves through music, in their own unique way. The workshop was an amazing journey! I came out of it in a state of bliss and wonder for life.“



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